• $2.95


Jethro Baits Bugtussle    (5 Pack)

Jethro Baits Bugtussle is 4-1/2" long with a 30% larger body that rigs with hooks up to 5/0. It has a wide honeycomb body design that creates a slow fall and an awesome bubble trail. The Bugtussle has light salt to keep it soft, flexible, lively and buoyant. It will stand-up off the bottom when using a light weight. The softer body material is durable, but allows for an easier hook set.

Fish it weightless or add a 1/32 oz. to 1/16 oz. weight to the nose and keep it on top of the water for action bass can't resist. Fish it on a Carolina Rig along weed lines or in open water. Rig it Texas Style and flip it into buggy whips and heavy cover. Fish it on a Neko Rig for a unique presentation.