Floatzilla Craw Head Float

  • $7.95


Floatzilla Craw Head Float    (4 Pack)

Craw Head Float by Floatzilla – “The Premier Jig Trailer & Soft Craw Attachment.” Floatzilla Craw Head Float attaches to jig & craw trailers and floats your lure every time.

Craw Head Floats blends seamlessly to a craw worm and floats it upward every cast. The Craw Head attaches in positions on soft lures that provide movement and a natural appearance. 

Floatzilla Wacky Connect Floats allow soft plastic lures to float, flutter or sink in any strike zone depth.

Simply screw a Floatzilla into your favorite soft bait to create subtle action freshwater and saltwater fish can't resist. Attach to a weightless bait and float or add to a weighted rig or Carolina rig to get your soft plastic off the bottom.