Floatzilla Wacky Connect Float

  • $7.95


Floatzilla Wacky Connect Float    (4 Pack)

Wacky Connect by Floatzilla – “Our Answer to Wacky Style Fishing.” The Wacky Connect is installed by cutting a soft plastic lure in half and connecting via two spiral bait holders. The screws secure the wacky style soft plastic bait without ripping or tearing.

Two O-rings position the hook for perfect hook ups and allow bait to run up the line without interference. Anglers can aggressively skip, launch, cast and retrieve Wacky Connect Floats without ripping or losing its soft plastic body for an extended period.

Floatzilla Wacky Connect Floats allow soft plastic lures to float, flutter or sink in any strike zone depth.

Simply screw a Floatzilla into your favorite soft bait to create subtle action freshwater and saltwater fish can't resist. Attach to a weightless bait and float or add to a weighted rig or Carolina rig to get your soft plastic off the bottom.