Finesse Worm

  • $4.49


Finesse Worm (14 Pack)

Charlie’s Finesse Worm is a uniquely different shape from other soft plastic worms. It has a tapered design with most of its weight focused on either end of the worm, offering superior action when cranking.

6″ long the Finesse Worm comes in a resealable pack with many colors to choose from.
The Finesse Worm’s thin midsection allows it to wobble side-to-side more than a straight worm, and its ridged body adds to the action and careful design of this Charlie’s original bait.

A solid bait for a variety of freshwater situations. Made from a high quality durable soft plastic that allows the bait to move naturally through the water. Target Species: Bass, Muskie, Carp, and Pike fishing.