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Big-Itz XL Sinker Stops

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Jethro Baits Big-Itz Extra Large Sinker Stops (18 Pack)

Use with 20+ lb. Mono/Fluoro or 65+ lb. Braid line and weights 5/8 oz. or more.

Jethro Baits Sinker Stops provide an easy and effective way to prevent weights from sliding up the line when using a Texas-rigged style presentation. Perfect for flipping and pitching. Jethro Baits Bobber Stops ensure your entire lure gets pulled below the cover and into the strike zone.

Jethro Baits Weight Stops are made from hard rubber making them virtually weightless but extremely durable. Their unique material aggressively grips your line to keep your weights securely in place without crimping or fraying your line.