Head Knocker Double Weed Guard Jig

  • $5.99


Jethro Baits Head Knocker Double Weed Guard Jig (Each)

It's a jungle down there! To get the beast you have to go for it. Go in confidence with the rugged & dependable, Head Knocker Jigs from Jethro Baits. The Head Knocker double weed guard jig could be one of the best heavy cover jigs on the market. It features a double weed guard that should get you through some of the thickest cover out there. It gets through pine trees, branches, weeds and much more.

It has a Dura-Coat enamel finish to help keep the paint from chipping on all that cover you'll be going through. It has a flexible silicone skirt to help produce a better action. The 6/0 Gamakatsu heavy wire hook should make it easy to set on any fish that dares to bite. Fish it in the most brutal cover and understand why it is the Head Knocker!