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Ledge Link Hair Jigs

  • $9.95


Stanford Baits Ledge Link Hair Jigs    1oz.    (Each)

The custom hand tied Ledge Link Hair Jig features a 4/0 VMC hook, buck hair and feathers. This hair jig is virtually weedless, where most other bucktail style jigs have a habit of hanging up on brush piles or rock.

The Missing Link "Ledge Link" hair jig weedless Patent Pending wire, keeps it free from hang ups. The 1 oz. jig head gets to the bottom quickly and holds deep on the retrieve. The vibrating wire weed guard bring vicious reaction bites.

Three blade options allow you to choose how you like to fish the hair jig. For getting the hair jig deep fast, we suggest the smaller fluted Oklahoma blade in Gold or Silver. For shallower depths use the Gold or Silver Oklahoma blade. For faster retrieves and more flash, the #4 Gold Willow blade is recommended.

The white Ledge Link is stocked in the five blade types in all color options. The Ledge Link White Chartreuse and Chartreuse jigs are *CUSTOM ORDER*.

*CUSTOM ORDER* Please allow 2-3 weeks as these are hand tied baits.