Swimming Worm 10"

  • $4.49


Charlie's 10’’ Swimming Worm (6 Pack)

Made from high quality medium texture plastisol and available in 8 popular fish catching colors, the 10" Swimming Worm creates natural movement that fish attack. The durable body will help you catch fish after fish. This is a Big Bait for Big Fish.

It has a ribbed soft plastic body with a long tapered curved ribbon tail. Rigged weightless, it floats just beneath the surface. This is a perfect snake like worm for easy working top water action.

Thicker than most worms it is ideal for magnum glass rattles and larger hooks, which attract bigger bites and better hook sets. It's versatile design allows you to catch more fish rigged Texas or Carolina style.

Charlie's 10’’ Swimming Worm is great for bass, pike, walleye and other game fish.