Big O' Stick O'

  • $2.99 - $23.49


Big O' Stick O'  $2.99 (8 Pack)  $5.59 (20 Pack)
    $23.49 (100 Pack)

The Big O' Stick O' is a versatile 5-3/8" bait that can be rigged Texas, Carolina, Ned, Neko and Wacky style. The senko style is perfect for worming, pitching, flipping, punching, drop shotting, and shakey head.

Fish the Big O' Stick O' weighted or weightless. The salt infused scented plastic allows it to fall with slight action that triggers bites.

These colors catch fish and give you a competitive edge. The Big O' Stick O' comes in standard 8 pack, tournament 20 pack and 100 pack (5-20 packs).