Gangsta Swim Jig

  • $5.29


Gangsta Swim Jig    (Each)

Designed by Major League Fishing Pro Fred "Boom Boom" Roumbanis. The O.G. Gangsta Swim Jig offers a number of Pro modifications that help it run true, snag less and catch more fish!

The jig was designed with a tear drop shaped head that allows the jig to stay horizontal in the water column and roll when it comes in contact with cover. The horizontal eye tie helps the jig to plane up, allowing it to come in straight on fast retrieves.

Designed to swim or burn fast. Additionally, the jig has a balanced fiber weedguard, that keeps it even more snag resistant and a super sharp Hayabusa Hook!

Fred's OG Gangsta Swimjig has the design and the action to help you catch a lot more fish!