German Steel Fillet Knives

  • $69.00 - $71.00


Rite Angler German Steel Fillet Knives

These Rite Angler precision forged German steel fillet knives are available in 6" & 8". Dressed with an Ebony or Sandalwood handle these premium knives make a beautiful gift for family, friends, fishermen, chefs or anyone who loves cooking.

The knife is purpose designed for deboning, descaling, filleting, skinning, trimming or butterflying fish and poultry with ease. The full tang and ergonomic handle makes this blade highly flexible and ultra maneuverable.

Each Rite Angler’s fillet knife comes in a high-quality, clam-shell, black box for those who appreciate fine cutlery. Includes a custom fit sheath for safe storage or as a travel case with a belt loop should you decide to bring the knife on the boat, dockside or in the field.

Please note wood color may vary in tone.

Hand Crafted in China.