Lil Bo

  • $3.99


Lil’ bo is a Charlie’s original design swim bait made to truck through the water when cranking.

Available in 6 original colors by Charlie’s the 4.5″ Lil’ Bo comes in a resealable bag of 8.
Its tapered design creates a lot of rapid action to attract fish. Produced to be both durable and flexible in the water. Lil’ Bo is made with first-class plastisol that lasts in the tackle box.
Lil’ Bo has a rigging for every sort of freshwater adventure.
Lil’ Bo Features a paddle tail that allows it to be jigged off the bottom.
A medium texture production process makes it crank across the surface weightlessly.
Lil bo is a fast-looking bait sitting still.
When cranked, it can create enough motion to let fish know it’s there in the murkiest of conditions.