Rattle Knockin Tail 3.25"

  • $6.49


Rattle Tail - Knockin Tail Lures® 3.25"    (6 Pack)

Knockin' Tail Lures® soft plastic swimbaits feature a unique built-in rattle paddle tail. Freshwater and saltwater fish can't resist the sound and action at any retrieve or on the fall! Two ball bearings inside the glass chamber mimic the sound of live bait. With a scented body, durable fast action rattle tail that stimulates the lateral line, fish feel the need to feed!

The Knockin Tail Lure body has a groove on the back to bury the hook point for a weedless presentation. A belly slit and head pocket allows quick rigging of a weighted swimbait hook. For saltwater fishing pair up the Knockin Tail Lure with a KTL Jig Head and Get Inhaled®!