Saltwater Jig Head

  • $4.99


Charlie’s Saltwater Jig Head (6 Pack)

Charlie’s Saltwater Jig Heads feature premium 3/0 black nickel finish, ultra-sharp, saltwater grade hooks. The holographic eyes on the jig heads create a lifelike appearance and look more natural under the water.

The high-end paint is detailed and resistant to scuffs and scratches. Sturdy hook-eye and a reliable needle-sharp point that stays secure when fighting fish. The symmetrical head of Charlie’s Jig Heads allows them to cut through the water quickly. It sinks fast and has minimal action as it falls. The streamlined profile lets the jig head cuts through the water easily.

Drag or hop this jig along the bottom for those fish actively feeding on baitfish or crawfish. Charlie’s Jig Head can be pitched, flipped, or punched into heavy cover. Cast it out, wait for it to fall a bit, and then swim it back to you. A great target for bass, snook, redfish, and all kinds of saltwater fish.

Great for saltwater or freshwater fishing!